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For technical assistance logging in, Maximus employees may contact Maximus Help Desk at 1 (888) 349-7762

Maximus Employee Assistance Fund

When the unexpected happens – a large-scale disaster or a personal hardship – the Maximus Employee Assistance Fund may be available to provide financial support. Log-in to learn more.

CCO Employee Login Instructions:
Because of our CCO security requirements, the EAF site cannot be accessed from any Maximus workstations or networks in CCO call centers. Instead, you will need to access the site from your personal device. You will be asked for your Maximus login credentials with Azure Multifactor Authentication (MFA). If you have not set up Azure MFA, instructions can be found in The Microsoft Authenticator Azure Setup Job Aid. Your supervisor or LSA can assist you in setting up Azure MFA to ensure you are able to login and access the EAF application from home.